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Re-steered ping clears high bar

June 20, 2018 - 11:56 -- Admin

I'd sent another ping, one late at night, about an issue that vexed and the next morning I had an effusive thanks but with an ask to submit via the official website. The re-steer was generous and accepting and even though my pitch might get knocked back in that moment I felt valued for my work—and they got back to me in the time between I went to bed then woke up.It's a high bar to clear for me. Too often you get either nothing or an eventual sclerotic harrumph but I got a near instant "Great! Here's the link to submit for realsies."I was delighted. I know it's socially engineered to delight but I appreciate the effort they put into the engineering. I felt they cared and I felt heard.So hooray for well-designed responses to missteered feedback; they can actually make your day. WFTW.