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I'm a steampunk cyborg

June 19, 2018 - 11:48 -- Admin

My neck joints hissed out gas as something gargled in my throat. It was just my body. I sounded like a steampunk cyborg---and I look like a jolly rotund 19th century clerk.I know bodies make weird noises. But to feel bubbles of gas cook off from where ever it happens is weird and unsettling---much like my last trimester. Add to that the hip replacement of ceramic and titanium and other implants then that's the cyborg part.It could be worse; at least there's no assimilation threat from a steampunk cyborg. We'd be spending most of our time just locking down food and coal and nothing left over for chasing Dr Who or world domination. Plus we're easy to spot, what with the steam noises bubbling from our bodies and the waft of heated mist blowing out our trouser ends.I also have spring-jointed little fingers. I can lock them back like a rearing snake and then flick them forward with minor force.If I was a PC in a steampunk game I'd ask the GM for another character.