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Horrifying sequence of IT events

June 14, 2018 - 22:40 -- Admin

The following happened:The PDF would not save the entered data on the main PCIt would save on the laptop but the PDF vanished when looked forThe network fell overAfter a reboot of the modem the laptop froze and had to be rebooted and the main PC goes into a weird hibernate state if the router is reset and it had to be cold rebooted.The network dropped out again and the laptop could not send the email to the main PC.Then the network was up and with the PDF working it was sent direct from the laptop.During the half hour of trying to get it sorted I had an acute anxiety attack and got sent off to recover as thewife tried to fix the PDF issue. I hid in the end room. My son then coughed down the other side of the house and I had a fear attack. He tried to come into the room and I had to yell for him to go away. This all happened during the PDF fixing aftempt and I had to tag in when the PDF was working and the network was up to do it excepf it wasn't because it had fallen over again.We got a text from our ISP apologising for a network drop that lasted three minutes and of course it was during attempted emailing.I thought I was going to lose my shit, I cried as I apologised to theboy for telling him to go away because his coughing fit had scared me so much I was terrified to even hear him speak just in case he coughed again. He knows I'm injured and that I had in that moment lost control. He accepted my apology and said he knew it wasn't me who had yelled at him but my injury.That's life with a workplace psychological injury; a cascading series of stressors can trigger an utterly irrational response where the sound of your child can frighten you.