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PTSD and Swedish Chef muppet hands

June 14, 2018 - 14:55 -- Admin

One of the more common side effects of PTSD is an up-tick in hand tremour after an anxiety event. After the paperwork was done I had a Valium. And even though I am fine my hand tremours are so off the scale it's like they're like the Swedish Chef from the muppets in that without meaning to you make all these dramatic hand gestures and fling things about when attempting to use your hands.I was trying to return a bottle of oil spray to the pantry and it shook around in my hand as the other shaking hand opened the cupboard. Without thinking I started singing like him as well; "A doo a diddy do a diddy do --- BORT! BORT! BORT!"I laughed and laughed as my flailing hands attempted normative use of objects, being the Chef in the moment and going hard.So if your tremours are up where you're finding it hard to pick up, hold and manipulate objects be the Chef and "BORT! BORT! BORT!"I typed this in via tablet. That's hard too. I keep correcting typos from wobble finger missed targeting. And trying to select text to embed links is crazy difficult.This has been "Fun with PTSD".