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Stinging may occur in deep cracks

June 10, 2018 - 14:20 -- Admin

I had abraided layers of skin across the middle of my sole with exposed new or gouged inner layers left open. To arrest my attempts at picking foot skin we put heel balm on.There's a line on the back of the tube about stinging---see header---but I didn't read it. So when it was applied it was spread richly over the entire craters of both feet. I thought the stinging would die down but it sped up. With haste I made it to the shower and realised the pH of the balm was nastily either side of water so I dropped a face flannel over the drain to puddle up the shower well to bring my feet as close to seven as chemically possible. That meant having to march in place, splosh, splosh, splosh, so the bottom of my feet would connect with water each time and hopefully take some of the sting off. It took about two minutes to clear the balm from the afflicted zone of "most of each underside".The fail is mine; I picked my feet. The heel balm would work on dry not-picked feet. That is what it is meant for. It was a good idea to do it, it stopped the rigid skin that feels good to pick, but at the cost of burning feet I had to dance-douse off in the shower. I liken it to the nasty pet duck experience; that happened, now we know better, let's never have a pet duck again. But, holy shit, that was epic while it lasted.I have the relief of pain relieved. Pain stopped glows hotter than nice things had; that's fucked up, no wonder people hurt themselves.