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Friend landed safe

June 9, 2018 - 12:26 -- Admin

My friend ___ was bullied out of a full-time position and forced to take a non-ongoing transfer at level. He did it for his health recognising it was happening to him again—having been bullied out of a different job in another fucking state. The end of his non-ongoing was nigh but he just locked in a transfer to another organisation to a full-time position at level. He gets a new start and away from the same insane crap we experienced. I retired twenty years too early; ___ gritted teeth, stayed in and transferred out. He is a fucking hero because that is not a common journey; Canberra is soaked with ex-government workers fighting over scraps of contracts. He is a fucking hero because he survived being monstered multiple times by people above and below him and he got out with his sanity intact. He had to make hard decisions on what fights to fight for the sake of his health and now he's flying free to a place of hopeful safety.___, like me, was on the discard pile awaiting a new job. We bonded over our internal relocations and the evil that drove us there and when I staggered down the corridor crying from an anxiety attack and he saw me he'd take me into an office to soothe the cook off. It's like finding out he won the lotto; a safe role in a galaxy far, far away. We were both technocrats felled at the feet for the simple reason we did our jobs too well. That can happen, to be too efficacious because you try to fix things that need fixing but requires effort to do. An organisation can do one of two things; listen to that person and take their recommendations on board or squash them, smear them across the concrete for daring to speak truth to power. Guess which is the more common outcome? We're battlers, ___ and me; we battle the fuck on—and he just fought his way out of an enveloped attack to reach safety.In fact that's better than lotto.(Fist raised for Comrade __)