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Assassinated the Assassin and was then assassinated

June 8, 2018 - 21:46 -- Admin

I was playing the Talisman Ap game with the City expansion and had the Warrior armed with two stilettos. I landed on the AI Assassin who had one life and double stabbed him since the W can use two weapons at once. Stupidly I got down to three lives and the only remaining player was the AI Highlander, a wealthy Scotsman able to afford the maximum three lives taken you can opt for when you pull the Assassin Stranger card who will do an opponent for one gold per life.That Highlander was going to get his kilt taken to the cleaners from all the double stab blood from my double stabbing but he triple stabbed me first.Only in Talisman---and big ups to the Nomad crew for the recent update. So good.