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Worm's eye view

June 7, 2018 - 23:12 -- Admin

I don't get the appeal of the penis but that's okay, there are plenty of people that do. But if you do happen to see one in go mode typically you see it from above or to the side. It's rare to get a worm's eye view of a dick because of the shooting angle and I presume lack of interest for seeing it from the ground up.Thankfully someone thought of this hole in penile representation and under an overpass sprayed the outline of an erect cock plus two balls but with the circles for balls on top meaning the penis was to be thought of from that below to up angle. What I love the most about this particular penis is that some time after the initial shaft and balls were scrawled they, or someone else, like days or weeks later, came along to add some veins and hair.It's that little bit extra that I appreciate. They looked at their cock pic underside shot and thought "we can do better".I look forward to the pic gaining additional features over time such as a piercing, a tatt or a terrarium. Hey, just because it's the two dimensional depiction of the underside of a penis and scrote doesn't mean it can't have interests like mini-habitats for reptiles or amphibians.