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Socks on, can't stand and a bad skeleton

June 2, 2018 - 18:10 -- Admin

Because of my womb warped skeleton I can't put on socks like a normal person; I have to brace in a door way.Only I ripped strips of skin from the soles of my very flat feet and being heavy that's too much mass on a very sore area.I also had to put on two pairs, the second to help cushion the walking on self-sliced feet.I ended up rolling to and fro on the big bed with getting a sock into position then having to pull it up. Still naked and slightly wet and on a bed spread loved by cats.I got them on but to the unobserved it was a seizure, some weird fetish solo effort or a combo of the two; "So he's into writhing with sock play and cat hair...?"I don't know if that's even a thing.It was another reminder of the import of not self-harming the soles of flat feet when much weight is bearing through them.SELF-FAIL! (clang noise).