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Cycle of DEATH!

March 9, 2018 - 15:23 -- Admin

In Oz we have a bunch of dangerous fauna best represented by our spiders, snakes and stingrays. As I was riding the exercise bike a small spider crawled across the bike's LCD. It didn't look like a huntsman, big spiders that don't hurt people but a potential white tail spider which does.I noted its presence but continued riding after it ran around the back before I could fist it.About five minutes towards the end of the ride it came back out and I fisted it good and hard against the LCD of the bike readout, nearly pushing in the screen in from its mounting.I washed the remnants from my side fist—though I'm sure it's only in the bloodstream that the venom gets you—and finished the ride.It's funny in Oz how blasé you can get about animals that can kill you. I generally stay the fuck out of their way or, if they're in my way, patiently await a time and place of my choosing to do battle or removal.Today was a squish job; doing it with my bare fist was pretty dumb though. Our tourist tagline should be "Australia; watch the fuck out".