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Donald Trump's hair through the years, his Pakistan tweets and other news and views

January 3, 2018 - 13:16 -- Admin

Country without a Government: Merkel's Difficult Road to a Coalition- Der Spiegel

Three months after the election, Germany is as far away from a governing coalition as ever and Social Democrats don't expect an agreement before Easter. Meanwhile, Germany's influence in the EU is on the wane.

The Far Right Is Now in Power in Austria - The Nation

The new governing coalition includes the Freedom Party, which has deep roots in the country’s Nazi past.

Murderous Majorities - New York Review of Books

The scale of this ethnic cleansing represents the most extreme triumph of majoritarian politics in South Asia. The persecution of the Rohingya has made Myanmar something of an inspiration to majoritarian parties in neighboring states. ... Majoritarianism—the claim that a nation’s political destiny should be determined by its religious or ethnic majority—is as old as the nation-state in South Asia; it was decolonization’s original sin. Postcolonial nations in South Asia began with varying degrees of commitment to the ideal of a pluralistic, broadly secular state, but after a decade or so of independence they were either taken over by military rulers or transformed into religious states by majoritarian politicians.

An Illustrated History of Donald Trump’s Hair. Warning! Don’t Read Before Lunch! - Vanity FairScientists learned to predict public corruption with neural networks - Eureka AlertTrump’s New Year’s Day tweet just infuriated Pakistan - Salon

President Donald Trump has caused a rift with Pakistan due to his New Year's Day tweet criticizing the South Asian country.

China acknowledges Pakistan's 'outstanding contributions' to combat international terrorism - Dawn

China on Tuesday threw its weight behind Pakistan and said that its key regional ally has "made outstanding contributions to the international anti-terrorism cause," countering the heavy criticism that Islamabad had copped a day earlier from US President Donald Trump.In a clear disagreement with the American president's scathing assessment — that Pakistan has given Washington "nothing but lies and deceit" — Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said: "Pakistan has made tremendous efforts and sacrifices in combating terrorism and made outstanding contributions to the international anti-terrorism cause. The international community should fully acknowledge it."