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A ride of reflection—with plenty of bell action!

December 31, 2017 - 12:36 -- Admin

Sunday is a popular day to be out and about walking by a lake so my lawfully mandated bell got the workout when I zipped past clusters of normal bodies doing normal walking.I had the ball kick burning on my mind and I knew a ride would help me mull over what to do. By the time I got back I hunted for relevant documentation, found it on the desktop where past Mikey had thoughtfully collected it, then sent it off to those affected. At the very least it will make for an uncomfortable conversation. So I got back up; balls bruised, then thought out a way ahead then went ahead. I have the relaxed glow of a riposte well thrust. I'm a low echelon super competent made more scary; I'm on the outside now. WFTW.