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Practice makes perfect

December 29, 2017 - 14:05 -- Admin

Next door is having a jam session. They're all men, middle-aged and up, and congregate normally on a Sunday; but with the Canberra Xmas-NY shutdown it means they're free to rock it on a Friday.And rock it they are. Thanks to walls and the air gap all that comes through though is the muted bass.It means I hear only that and only that happens a few times over.I feel like the neighbour from The Onion article about his appreciation of his fellow tenant finally nailing "Jumpin' Jack Flash".It's not loud enough to be irritating but it has fully earwormed me. Though they've stopped playing for now the riff is on replay in my head.Dunt dunt dunt ... dunt dunt dunt ... dunt dunt dunt...Rinse and repeat.