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The Scoundrel theory if politics and other news and views

December 11, 2017 - 01:34 -- Admin

The Scoundrel Theory of American Politics - New York Times

It is no surprise that politics, a realm of compromise and clashing interests, does not conform to standards of abstract rationality — nor should it. But a political act is a product of the statesman as an organic human being whose judgment is inevitably bound up with his or her character. Character is not reducible to private morality alone, but the person of the statesman makes an inescapable difference in politics. His or her character — that is, who he or she essentially is — matters. It is clear enough that each party knows this to be the case, for each asserts that character is important when attacking the opposition even while denying it when protecting its own.

Lost in Translation? Pope Ponders an Update to Lord’s Prayer - New York Times

In a new television interview, Pope Francis said the common rendering of one line in the prayer — “lead us not into temptation” — was “not a good translation” from ancient texts. “Do not let us fall into temptation,” he suggested, might be better because God does not lead people into temptation; Satan does.

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