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Announcing the Global Guerrillas Report

November 4, 2017 - 02:15 -- Admin

I've decided to publish a report on Global Guerrillas topics (a PDF and/or podcast interview) via Patreon.  This report will allow me to dive a good bit deeper into a dangerous topic than would be possible with a post alone.  It will also provide a way to get some discussion going again (not possible in an open forum).

I'll send the first report out to subscribers in a few days.  It will be entitled: 

Russia, Reflexive Control, and Nonlinearity (beyond the ads, trolls, and fake news).  

Hope you join me.

John RobbBonus:  To kick off my first report I'll include a PDF outline of my "27 Rules for Global Guerrillas."  It will include rules for open source insurgency and systems disruption, written in a sparse Roger's Rangers style.  With each new report, I'll throw in an expanded rule (rule + examples + expansion) or additional rules as we find them.