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Weekly Dog Blog – Renaissance

April 29, 2016 - 22:04 -- Admin

Leonardo Da Vinci was born in 1452. Constantinople fell to the Turkish canons in 1453. But the surprising thing about the Renaissance was that it had earlier historical roots.

The Popes left the rock that was Rome for the pleasures of Avignon in 1309 and there until 1378. No question that things were nicer in Rome when the water was running due to the restoration and renovation of the Roman aqueducts, the merchants had figured out profit and loss, and the literature dump from the ancient world could be read. (I have yet to complete John F H New, “Renaissance and Reformation”. I don’t have the time!)

I was looking for analogy, which in truth I could not discern. However, to those who think that history at best is a distraction or as the people of the Renaissance would well have understood, as a distraction, the process of herding people into tribes. regiments and targets. I cannot help think of how relevant it is. The historians that I have read are far better than I imagined they would be.

The big difference, whether they realized it, or not, is they had time, but we do not. The problem with cultural change is that we carry the past with us. The historical project to dominate nature has proven a catastrophic failure, possibly due to inherent violence.

Whether Hannah or Dexter realize it we walk in the landscape of an ancient people and the continued intervention by the foreign invaders and their descendants, including into the earth to extract coal and burn it which along with all the other sources the combustion of fossil fuels. Never mind the consequences or ramifications.

At least dogs do not have a developed egotistical consciousness. My external drive has lost connectivity. Despite the spelling, perhaps the project – if it can be sustained – may now be better called “Monthly Dog Blog”. Before all this symptomatic disaster occurred I did get together this record of our walks. The music played by Chris Zabriske is “Mario Bava sleeps in a little later than he expected to”:

Besides the untrammelled war system and murder, including the dehumanization of refugees, other things are going on. In less than a hundred time they will seem foolish and forgettable – if by then memory still matters. I am baffled by the apparent absence of political judgement that would set up a double dissolution election, before delivering the Federal Budget. Across the ocean, at least one singer saw what was going on around her. A rare accomplishment. Iris De Ment composed The Wasteland of the Free: