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Dog Blog: Winter Arrives

June 5, 2016 - 23:56 -- Admin

The endless summer was followed by chilly nights, and now we are dealing with the east coast low, a weather system extending from Queensland to Tasmania bringing heavy rain and stormy seas.

It was the case that we had rain last week, but not enough for the creek to flow from one day to next. However, it was enough for me to slip coming down the embankment. but without injury. A misjudgement that fortunately did not have serious consequences. Who knows what Dexter and Hannah thought about this incident. They perhaps would have liked to have walked along the street.

So far, I have not heard anyone making the connection of this extreme weather with climate change, although the larger weather pattern seems to be related to the aftermath of the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO).

Some deniers of scientific findings attribute global warming to the sun. My rebuttal was not much. The best I could suggest that if the sun was playing such a direct role in climate change then we would see evidence of it in the evolutionary history, so that coral reefs, would for example be more resilient to the set of factors, including ocean acidification – and how would that be explained? Bloomberg provides the most comprehensive and effective dynamic graphical presentation (Scroll down for the alternatives). The implications of climate change are very significant, one might almost say “huuge”, but the reality is not featuring in the election campaign.

In the meantime Dexter, Hannah and me went about out mostly mundane daily walk – sometimes meeting other people, and occasionally other dogs. “Lonesome Avenue” by the 126ers was the first pick – and I was expecting somebody to start singing:

John Prine, as he says, has a commitment to everyday. I happened to listening to him go through a few songs, and heard a female singer. I know who that singer is? They sing “Magnolia Wind”: