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June 27, 2016 - 00:52 -- Admin

The weeks slip by. Dexter and Hannah go out on many days, and sometimes recently too late. This means I have to get the torch out to come safely down the embankment. My memory fades from day to day and the photos help.

Ask me what I did two weeks ago and I wouldn’t have a clue. I have got the record that we went out. Last week’s music is by Audionautiks, “12 Mornings”:

Similarly, ask me what happened last week. When I see somebody I know it sticks in my mind. This was true last week when on one day we say Mrs J and her dog Lunar. Lunar. In this case as in others I do not take a chance. She is a very fail person. We went another way. She did however raise her stick.  The music is provided by the 126ers, “As We Go”:

I certainly feel better after taking the walk. There is a scientific basis for this experience. For many people this may be a help for them. Without knowing it, we got lucky, although there are rumblings that due to the inexorable concentric wave of rising house prices, we may at a future time no longer be able to afford to live here. Part of the future contingency planning may have to make the break from this area. (Of course, it goes without saying that those that benefit from this don’t care about the consequences for others. I regard this attitude, however rationalized as evidence of social and cultural breakdown.)As happens it is necessary to think about others, and with reference to the benefits of living among trees, high density living leaves out the necessity we have as human beings to commune with nature. Even if I die first – a comfortable assumption in some ways – I have the responsibility for what happens after that. Dogs are great companions, for example, but human beings they need to get out and about for their well being.

This was the week of Brexit, but Hannah and Dexter don’t care about that. They probably do not care about the copy write court challenge to the opening rift of Stairway to Heaven. My view the song is in the lyrics and the musical accompaniment is the staging. In this regard I believe this is an impressive performance at the Kennedy Centre: