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Dog Blog: Random Photos

August 4, 2016 - 04:02 -- Admin


Some memories are clear. Some are not. I remember the Latin inscription under the clock at school, Tempus Fugit. It turns out that time does fly. The more recent to take time and not rush despite the demands sometimes placed over us. By making a random selection of photos, I am attempting to compress time, while overcoming the problem of sameness.

Metaphors aside, the birds that can be heard, but not exactly understood, do actually fly. In so far as they speak to me – perhaps poetically – I understand them to say, “You humans forget about us”. The irony is that is not all we forget about.

I know the trees stand silently, framed against the sky. Plants and animals have a symbiotic relationship. When Dexter and Hannah breath out, they breath in. Without oxygen we would be dead in a gust of wind. When I think I can defend them against human depredation, I imagine they start crying.  While an unscientific proposition, nonetheless it is the spectacle of remorseless fate.

The randomness of the photos is symbolic of disorganization,brokenness and injury. Nonetheless Dexter and Hannah have had some walks over the past three weeks. Silent Partner provide the music, “The Engagement”: