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Dog Blog: Start Again

October 29, 2016 - 23:31 -- Admin

It was an form of eclipse, I suppose.

A person sees the doctor and then drives to work. Parks her car and then its knocked down by a car while walking across the road. Motor vehicles in these circumstances are malign. There are broken bones and a head injury. While not at first recognized, it is quickly realized that helicopter flight is necessary to transfer the patient to St George, Kogarah, then there is an extensive operations on the knee – unknown to me at the time.

Some weeks pass. The dogs are confronted with a new routine. Their walks continue. Time flies – as it does. Then the patient is moved to the rehabilitation hospital. until after weeks and months, the prospect of getting home again is realized. Time flies – but the dogs continue to go out.

The walking frame, following the wheelchair, is almost discarded. With help – and encouragement from the physiotherapist – she makes it down the stairs. That is a landmark. That great device the stair climber is returned.

Through all of this the dogs were helpful. We were always thinking about them. The question was if anything happens to you, what will happen to them? There was the time I fell over outside the rehab hospital on the footpath. It was a painful  and noisy fall. One driver stopped to ask if I was alright. It seems I did not do any long term damage, although I easily could have.

But in this situation, carers – let us not forget any of them, whatever the form their service takes, and the demanding nature of the work they do – have to keep going. If we, for example, had had to rely on privatized services, we would have been stuffed, or at least badly financially damaged.

Dogs perform the role as well. Dexter and Hannah keep me going out.Walking is a friendly exercise. Dogs, it is suggested, in several ways improve the health of their owners.

We have been fortunate we are able to take them into the nearby park. That will not be forever. Then again it is suggested that the fire risk is greater from the top of the escarpment than from the sides, because of the different types of  trees and vegetation. The cicadas seem to come and go, but summer is now pretty much established, although not officially started, we will see how that goes.The fire service would not be visiting our street, insisting we develop a fire plan, if they did not think that contingency was not real.

For the first time since the 13th of July, it was time to acknowledge that the clouds had passed and the sun was shining. So here are the photos from the past week. We can “start again”:

I can get discontent with the lyrics of the various songs, however in this case I like the tune and the singing. Emmylou Harris runs a shelter for stray dogs. She is singing with Don Williams: