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Who carries the carrion?

February 18, 2016 - 22:50 -- Admin

Who carries the carrion?


Who carries the carrion from conception to its death?

Who walks the smalling mile in slowly steepling steps?

We do not know my answers to questions we don’t feel

Nor do we know the freedom of what is cruelly real

And yet we sense a truth that no one else can touch

For hope is not eternal, springing from our guts

It is the nuts and bolts of love, and life

Caught between the farmer, husband, wife

And who can say the other is the one for every day

And who can say the other needs be sent away?

Island bound, bound, gagged our humanity

Are we there yet they cry, to be free

I see the walking corpse of government made flesh

My retching flecks its body, building sweet distress

There go the youngest memories of David’s shining Star

Our yellowing history pages calling from afar

But we are deaf to their past and our today

We turn our hearing down and our glance away

The soft sofa life together shouts leave us now,

Til our door knocks like those we cheered before

And the locks are gone like those we clapped to their shore

We are carrying the carrion that consigns us to our death

We will fight furiously their disease, to our lasting breath

(c) John Passant 18 February 2016