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CLIMATE VS CAPITALISM: why we need system change

February 16, 2016 - 17:42 -- Admin


The globe continues to warm. The recent Paris conference agreement was a sham. We are heading towards 3 – 4 degrees C warming. Why can’t world leaders end their fossil fuel addiction? If you are in Canberra come to this Solidarity meeting to discuss why we have to change the system, before the system destroys the planet.

It is on at 1 pm on Wednesday 17 February  in room G 039 in Copland Building at the Australian National University.

Erima will be giving the talk. In her recent article in Solidarity magazine she says, among other things:

‘Around the world three-quarters-of-a-million people marched in the largest-ever global climate demonstration. There is a long way to go—but this is where the hope lies. Nothing short of a mass struggle will overcome the fossil fuel addiction of world leaders and businesses. Paris was a reminder of this. ‘

To read her whole article click here. Paris agreement pledges nothing for the climate