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Lady Cilento Hospital staff lead the way with direct action to Let The Refugees Stay

February 13, 2016 - 04:29 -- Admin

Outside Lady Cilento Hospital Friday night. Main protest 12 pm Saturday

Nicole Hasham in the Brisbane Times has captured what is happening at Lady Cilento Hospital in Brisbane to prevent baby Asha being sent back to Australia’s concentration camp on Nauru. She says:

‘A Brisbane hospital is refusing to discharge an asylum seeker toddler who has been recovering from burns, in a bid to prevent the Turnbull government from returning her to immigration detention at Nauru.

‘In a statement, a spokesperson from Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital said it was treating a 12-month-old girl from Nauru who “will only be discharged once a suitable home environment is identified”, as was the case with every child who presented at the hospital.’

Here is how GetUp! put it:

‘1-year-old baby Asha could be taken from her hospital room in Brisbane at any moment and sent back to abusive conditions in Nauru.

‘Her doctors are refusing to discharge her because of the health risks of returning her to detention. No one knows whether Border Force will act by force to take her.

‘More people are showing up all the time in front of the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital, to do whatever they can to protect Baby Asha and her mother.’

As Ian Rintoul form the Refuge Action Coalition in Sydney says: “The action by the hospital staff is a great step forward. Hospital workers have recognised that Nauru is not a safe or suitable
environment for children.”

The Refugee Action Committee in Queensland has called a solidarity protest in support of the brave staff at Lady Cilento Hospital for 12 pm on Saturday. If you are in Brisbane get along to this most important protest to let the 267 men, women, children and babies under threat of deportation to Australia’s concentration camps on Manus Island and Nauru stay and to begin the campaign to close down Manus and Nauru.

Let’s spread the protests and build a people’s movement for the refugees. Make sanctuary a reality.

That includes protesting against Labor Politicians who support the Turnbull government’s abuse of refugees. To quote Sydney RAC in their Let them stay: Speakout at ALP Conference protest against Bill Shorten and Federal Labor’s suport of abusing asylum seekers, at the ALP NSW State Conference at 12.30 pm today in the Sydney Town Hall steps:

‘The NSW ALP conference will be held this weekend. Three state Labor Premiers and one Chief Minister have all called on Turnbull not to send the 267 asylum seekers back to Manus and Nauru, and criticised offshore processing. These are serious cracks in the disgraceful bipartisan commitment to detention on Manus and Nauru. In the last week thousands have protested across the country, and churches nationwide have offered sanctuary to those at risk of return to Nauru.

‘But Federal Labor leader Bill Shorten continues to defend offshore processing. Shorten will be attending the conference this weekend. Join our speakout to increase the pressure on Federal Labor to end the bipartisan consensus and join the calls to #letthemstay and to close Manus and Nauru for good.

‘Speakers include: National Tertiary Education Union, Labor for Refugees, Teachers for Refugees’