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Social Violence Networking

July 9, 2016 - 10:32 -- Admin

It's amazing how quickly social media broadcasting has become central to social violence. It is being used by all of the participants:

Attackers (video was removed):  Larossi Abballa Facebook livestreamed his terrorist attack on the home of a police chief in France.  

Online Fealty

June 15, 2016 - 22:53 -- Admin

The ISIS Caliphate is using online fealty as a way to recruit jihadis around the world.   It's a powerful recasting of an ancient concept that goes well beyond modern expressions of loyalty.  

The way ISIS has constructed its brand of online fealty makes it globally scalable.  The  only barriers to entry are:  conduct an attack and publicly pledge fealty.  The most common platforms for a public pledge?  Social media, 911, etc.

Fealty and Modern Terrorism

June 15, 2016 - 08:05 -- Admin

During his deadly attack on a packed Orlando nightclub where he killed 50 people and wounded many more, Omar Mateen called 911.  

On the recorded call, he pledge his loyalty to ISIS.  

A day later, a terrorist outside of Paris, used Facebook livestreaming to pledge his loyalty to ISIS while stabbing a police chief and his wife to death.

What's going on?

The Superbowl of Protest will be in Cleveland this Year

April 9, 2016 - 11:25 -- Admin

The GOP convention is scheduled for 18-21 of July in Cleveland.  What's the chance of protests dominating the convention?  100%  Here's a good example of why:

The Federal government gave Cleveland a $50 m security grant to prepare for the convention.  With this money, the city plans to field 4-5,000 officers drawn from around the state.  Here's what it they plan to equip them with: