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Jihadi Entrepreneurs and the IPO of the Century

January 27, 2015 - 08:27 -- Admin

One of the most interesting aspects of ISIS?  The diversity of their cash flow.  They make money from tariffs to taxes to smuggling to oil production to hostage taking to the plundering of art/antiquities/etc..  

This isn't your standard 20th Century terrorist group, yet they haven't built the bureaucracatic structures we expect of a nation-state.  

They are something in between.  Let's explore this a bit.

Saudi Arabia's Kryptonite

January 26, 2015 - 08:24 -- Admin

If #ISIS can recruit people from nearly every country in the world, how well do you think it could do in Saudi Arabia if given an unfettered opportunity to do so….  If it can recruit French military personnel (including men from elite units), how would Saudi units fare?  

The answer is that ISIS would do very, very well in the Kingdom.  Here is why the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is vulnerable to a ragtag network like ISIS:

Journal: Why ISIS is killing teen boys

January 21, 2015 - 09:53 -- Admin

Here's some interesting outliers.  Information that isn't easy to parse.  Over the last week, local ISIS forces have:

  • Publicly executed 13 teens in Mosul who were watching a soccer game (Iraq vs. Jordan).  
  • Rounded up 15 teen boys for raising pigeons as a hobby in Diyala.  They executed three of them and burned the birds.

Why did they do this?  It wasn't just because they were being strict.  The key to unlocking this is found in this simple statement:

Gone Data Gone

January 14, 2015 - 08:57 -- Admin

Here's a simple fact of life at the start of the 21st Century. 

Every bit of unencrypted data, no matter where it is stored, has already been compromised or soon will be.   Lost to theft, leak, or incompetence.  

It doesn't matter how elaborate your procedures are.  It doesn't matter how smart your techies are.  It doesn't matter how careful you are.  

France Declares War on Islam

January 11, 2015 - 06:03 -- Admin

"It is a war against terrorism, against jihadism, against radical Islam, against everything that is aimed at breaking fraternity, freedom, solidarity... There needs to be a firm message about the values of the republic and of secularism."  French Prime Minister Manuel Valls